Inplant training

In-plant Training is an essential feature for practical knowledge. Students pursuing their engineering education are engaged in the activities such as visits to factories to have In-plant Training for updated knowledge pertaining to the industrial set up. Students are expected to also go through the practical training for which inplant training is offered to them. Wiztech's fully equipped lab provides an ideal facility for Inplant Training in industrial automation. The students after they are thoroughly through with the theoretical aspects are made to work in the lab where simulated conditions of an industry set up are created. The candidates are exposed to every aspect to feel and learn to get the practical skills and hands on experience. Every component - major & minor are handled by every candidate pursuing training to update their functional knowledge and how in actuality they are set in a system based functioning.

Wiztech offers Inplant Training to all the engineering students -EEE, ECE, ECS, etc. Students and the colleges (for their students) willing to have Inplant training could therefore approach us for their needs.

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