Process Automation training

Process Automation is a system (PAS) meant to control a process automatically. Chemicals, oil refineries, paper and pulp factories, etc., employ Process Automation Systems. PAS uses a network linked to sensors, controllers, operator terminals and actuators. In the absence of PAS, the plant operators need to physically monitor performances. The importance of employing Process automation systems in these factories is to attain efficient operations and safety. Energy conservation and avoidance of man-power deployment in unsafe & hazardous locations of the process based plants are the other essential objectives. Process automation training became an essential pre-requisite for the engineers-in-charge / operators of the plants to be able to carry out the operations in process based industrial plants.

Process automation simplifies the operations and with the help of large number of sensors around the plants, data could be collected in regard to the temperatures, pressures, flows and so on. This information is stored & analyzed for various purposes and at different times through a computer monitor in the control room. Similarly operating settings can be automatically adjusted for control purposes to the level of precise requirements to achieve optimum levels of production and other process objectives. Process Automation training upgrades the skills of the plant operators in carrying out their responsibilities efficiently & safely.

The major sub-systems and the software supported hardware and instruments are - Micro processors, micro controllers, micro computers, multi-processors, LANs, SCADA, RTUs and analog and digital I/O modules. Students undergoing Process Automation training need to know in detail about these sub-systems and the allied instruments in order to be industry-ready.

The Company - Wiztech Automation Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Anna Nagar, Chennai, is an ISO & IAO certified organization, established in the year 2006 with a mission in the minds of the promoters to engage their time, energies and the facilities in inculcating employable engineering skills to benefit the freshly qualified engineers and also those who are already working in industries wanting to upgrade their skills through Process Automation training offered at the institute.

Wiztech Automaton could discover early that the Industrial Automation and its applications are the growing fields in engineering and in industrial production. Though these are not the new fields in engineering, the scope for growth in future is enormous and it is expected to throw open huge industrial market demand for trained engineers, since the industries have increasing & changing needs in Industrial Automation technology and the application areas.
Further, the application areas, in regard to industrial automation in general and also with particular reference to Process Automation, are growing larger and larger with the steadily expanding industrial base all over the country. Wiztech has rightly taken cognizance of the important need to equip the institute with the required facilities and qualified faculty team of trainers to provide full-fledged Process Automation training.

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