SPM based Control (Special purpose machine)

Machines required for manufacture of products according to specific & exclusive needs cannot be purchased off-the-shelf from the machine manufacturers. Since these are Special purpose machines, they have to be specifically tailor-made to suit the exact needs of the buyer. SPM manufacturers obtain all the precise specifications from their industrial buyers and then make the SPMs. As every machine has a function to do, SPM based Controls are expected of these machines. As SPMs are tailor-made, the monitoring and controlling of the operations are also determined for the automation system incorporated to meet the needs of non-standard nature. The manufacturing processes therefore vary accordingly in the operational nature and the time required for the operations to finish. SPM based Control in manufacturing processes are handled by an automation system which does the job of sensing the requirement of an operation, the starting and ending of it and monitoring the operation while in process stage. PLC range of systems is incorporated for SPM based Control to monitor and control the operations and finish the operations once the desired levels of precise specifications are reached.

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