Oil & Gas Industries

Oil and Gas is a major sector in the industrial landscape of any country. India as an emerging economy in south Asia is currently dependent on imports of Oil and Gas for its needs. However, focused efforts are on to exploit the resources available from the country's on and off-shores; and also develop capabilities to tap alternate & environment-friendly fuel based resources & solar energy resources, thus reducing the dependence on imports. But the fact remains that currently majority of the country's needs are being imported. Automation systems are very crucial in the Oil & Gas processing industries in order bring out high quality in production, optimum production volumes, safety of high order and conservation of energy & other resources. PLC range of automation systems in Oil & Gas Industries are the conventional and the most efficient ones to take care of all the above criteria.

Students willing to do any hands-on project models on automation systems in Oil & Gas Industries could approach Wiztech Automation, Anna Nagar, Chennai, for total guidance and support, all through, to come out with a project that they wish to do. Wiztech could help students do their projects on automation systems in Oil & Gas Industries based models using PLC range of automation systems within the least time and at affordable costs

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